The “dinner and a movie” model:

Subscribing to the belief that all great conversations happen in the kitchen or over dinner, S.I. has established a “dinner and a movie” model for most all hosted events. Guests are invited to dinner under a specific theme or topic (see suggested themes below). The purpose of the evening might be the dinner itself or the dinner might act as the accompaniment to a performance, moderated discussion, reading, or other activity. 

Note: time allotted for eating will never be scripted, as it exists strictly for generating fluid creative conversation while enjoying each others company.

           possible dinner themes:

  • monochrome (in both dress and in food)
  • choreographed by the host(s)— not in conversation, only in the placement, arrangement, and removal of dishes
  • rectangular food only (pressed and molded into brick-like dishes)
  • everything eaten out of shot glasses
  • day on fast-forward (coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks all in one hour)
  • hot + cold (everything served either boiling or frozen, either side by side or in a progression)
  • round only food (and the table is on a slight tilt for emphasis)
  • only the excess (the strings of things like the stingy part of bananas, corn, or celery. etc)
  • pot-luck with necessary ingredients (ex: must contain Tabasco sauce)
  • marinade (everything has been soaking in something for a very long time)