walking lectures


Like other aspects of S.I., a series of choreographed walks is another attempt to capture the rambling creative thought process. Each walk (which may eventually exist as a podcast) pairs a live recording of a lecture given while walking through an appropriate environment, mixed with other relevant inserts: extrapolations on topics touched on during the lecture, corrections of improvised facts, clips of previous interviews, etc.   With the idea that the most productive creative mind is activated while walking, the walking lecture provides an atmosphere conducive to spontaneous ramblings on a theme. The end product may be a sound piece or a visual podcast, acting as a sort of score or set of instructions to guide the listener through the thought process of the host.

Here is a structural layout of a theoretical episode on Bird Sounds and Painting:


Here (left) is the transcript from a Walking Lecture given last Fall titled: A Very Brief (and likely somewhat inaccurate) History of Western Music.   The lecture was given November 01 in Berlin walking from Fasanenstraße and Guineastraße between 15:30 and 17:00.

And an excerpt below of a Walking Lecture scheduled for this September titled: Organizational Strategies for Slippery Objects.