current works



This artist is currently working on scoring an orchestra for 13 objects.  These objects will be constructed considering sonic aspects of the material.  Both material-produced sound and corresponding gestures from the 11 performers will make up the piece.  

This work will be performed through S.I. in a joint-lecture event in November. More details soon...







This artist is currently working on a book about the Mumble.  The book balances painting, rocks, philosophy, and sociology, in relationship to the natural world.

The book will be presented at an S.I. event next Spring, accompanied by an artist lecture.








This artist is currently working on an album composed of plant sounds. He is working with a biologist to appropriately consider sun and water needs of the plants at hand. It is recorded in a greenhouse in Nevada, also incorporating native insects sounds.

The album will be released at an event in Brooklyn this January. Check back for more details.