dinner at S.I.

There is something about the certain category of conversation which spring up around a dinner table. Something about flavors uncovering ideas, scents fueling musings. Candles are good but not mandatory. Wine can also good, but also not mandatory. The idea is simply to provide an occasion for gathering.  A meal has a duration, presenting things to accomplish within implied guidelines; it keeps your hands busy, so your mind can rattle around freely.

Regular themed dinner events will be an integral part of S.I.  Some have already occurred [left]. The intention is to generate stimulating connections between word and object with the aid of taste and smell.

possible future dinner themes:

  • food served out of other food (every item on the table is edible)
  • rectangular food only (pressed and molded into brick-like dishes)
  • everything eaten out of shot glasses or other very tiny vessels
  • day on fast-forward (coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and drinks all in one hour)
  • hot + cold (everything served either boiling or frozen, either side by side or in a progression)
  • food as a sonic experience (all food produces some sort of sound--sizzling, popping, bubbling, etc)
  • only the excess (the strings of things like the stingy part of bananas, corn, or celery etc. or the husks)
  • pot-luck with necessary ingredients (ex: every dish must contain black olives)
  • marinade (everything has been soaking in something for a very long time)
  • embedded (dinner is served on a table top with crevices containing each dish, must be eaten with very long forks)
  • camouflaged (each course is camouflaged in the previous course, or is presented on a corresponding tablecloth)
  • mustards, custards, jams and jellies only (self explanatory)


'Asterisms' gallery snacks
Tribeca, NYC


"Extended technique of the Carrot"
Brooklyn, NYC


"Aesthetically Complex Soups"
12/12/17 7:30PM
Brooklyn, NYC


10/17/17 7:30pm
Brooklyn, NYC


Asterisms - opening snacks
06/06/18 7:30pm
Tribeca, NY

1st dinner.png
snack 4 opening.jpg

Workshop Snacks
05/14/18 7:30pm
Tribeca, NY

workshop snacks etc.jpg